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50 something home-maker living in rural North East Scotland.  Tending to family ranging from teens to octogenarians.  Rescue dog owner, poultry keeper, elderly cat manager, keen baker, weed warrior.  Part time worker / volunteer.  Avid knitter, keen crocheter, occasional felter, sometimes stitcher - that's why I'm never at a loose end!

Get to know me better:

  • My favourite book is "The Vanishing Act Of Esme Lennox" by Maggie O'Farrell
  • My favourite film is "Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe"
  • My favourite colour is turquoise (though I seem to mainly knit in purple!)
  • I'm a Queens Guide
  • I've hiked at Machu Picchu, climbed Ayers Rock and held my children's hands too tightly at the edge of The Grand Canyon
  • I originally trained to be a cartographer
  • I prefer prosecco to red wine nowadays but always enjoy a G&T
  • The box of chocolates is entirely safe until the cellophane is gone
  • I'm not great with house plants but can make orchids repeat flower
  • I'm still not over the loss of our beloved family labrador (but our rescue dog helps)


  1. turquoise!!! I knew we had SOMETHING in common - your blog is beautiful- love from your extremely uncrafty "couldn't sew a button on if my life depended on it" wee sister! xx

  2. I love your work Lorna.......... and your blog............... you really are a brilliantly talented writer, knitter, felter and mosaic artist! Thanks again for the wonderful blog you wrote about your two day class at Blue Sky Mosaics.......... what a boost it was/is to me!! It was a joy having you here for your course.


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